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Add unique traditions to your wedding

Every wedding couple aspires to celebrate their wedding day in the most personalized and customized way possible. They want to make their big day all about themselves. Besides the theme, decor, venue, menu, music, and certain celebration, you call add more personalization to your wedding by adding certain unique and classic traditions to your big day.

Wedding traditions are often specific to cultures and regions but their ultimate purpose is to spread love and bring people close to each other. You can definitely steal from the following traditions if you and your spouse-to-be are longing to add more personal meaning to your wedding.

Light a Fire

This wedding tradition is synonymous with unity and bonding. It originates from old African rituals where families of both the bride and the groom would bring fire or ashes from their hearth and then the fire was ignited collectively from these flames or ashes. It symbolized the familial union of two families. Nowadays, the bride and groom just begin a fire together and show how two souls are intertwined into each other.

A wine celebration

Wine is also a symbol of unity and bonding. It symbolizes how two lives blended into each other. To add this unique tradition to your wedding in order to stamp a personal statement on your wedding celebrations, both the bride and groom can choose to relish wine from the same cup. You may combine or blend two or more wines and then share them with each other. This will give a new look to your personalized wedding celebrations.

Painted butterfly release

To make your big day memorable for you and your guests, you can try one of the unique traditions of releasing butterflies in the sky. Releasing the butterflies stands as a symbol of freedom and love.  If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, this classic ritual will certainly add colors to your wedding.  Commencing your wedding through this ritual can surely give happy vibes to the whole wedding.

The seven-step ritual

This seven-step ritual is common in native American weddings. The wedding couple moves in a circular motion around a fire. The bride and groom are enclosed by another circle formed by the guests. The groom takes the first steps and simultaneously recites the vows as well. The bride then follows and does the same. The couple repeats this process seven times and pledges their love and loyalty to each other.

Handfasting ceremony

The Handfasting ritual has its roots in Irish traditions and it originated back in 7000 B.C. This matrimony ritual is performed usually at the engagements where the couple meets after the feast. A priest binds the hands of the couple with a braided string or a cloth. It signifies the bonding and unison of two souls into one. Modern-day wedding couples can assimilate such traditions into their wedding celebrations and amplify the lovely ambiance of the wedding.

Wedding Lasso

It is a tradition followed at Mexican weddings. During this ritual, a lasso made of flowers, leaves, and beads is dropped on the shoulders of wedding couples. In end, each is laid on one of the shoulders of the wedding couple. The couple meanwhile recites the wedding vows. The shape of the lasso is in form of an infinity symbol which signifies that the couple pledges to be together forever.

Light a candle

This wedding ritual is widely practiced across the globe and it has its roots in Christian weddings. Lighting a candle is the most common sign and character of unity and bonding. The ritual commences with the bride and groom holding and lighting a candle each.

After lighting their own candles, they use them to light a third and the large candle. The guests present at the wedding can also hold candles and bestow their blessing on the wedding couple. In this way, then you can give a personalized touch to your wedding.

The crowning ceremony

The crowning ceremony is mostly unique to Greek weddings. In this wedding celebration, the guests put the crown on the bride and groom’s heads and also place rings in the couple’s hands. To symbolize the union of the couple, the crowns are attached to each other by a rope or a ribbon. This unique wedding tradition can manifest the couple’s love for each other and also brings novelty to the wedding celebrations.

Planting a tree

Most of couples, nowadays, are preferring to go green on their weddings and are ultimately opting for eco-friendly weddings. In this way, they would be able to do their part in saving the planet and would also be able to celebrate the wedding in their own personalized manner.

You may wonder what traditions one can follow at such kinds of weddings and for this purpose, we have found that this ritual of planting a tree would perfectly suit the celebrations. The ritual of planting a tree will signify the importance of growing together.

 Wedding lei

Wedding leis are actually garlands and necklaces made of leaves and flowers. It is a wedding custom native to pacific islands. The bride usually wears a lei made of flowers and the groom wears a lei made of leaves.

The couple can also wear all-white lei or it could be made from flowers of their own choice. Along with wearing the lei, the bride wears a long gown made from the mulberry tree. The wearing of lei or garland is a token of love and respect between the wedding couple.

Group prayer

To fill your wedding with love and blessings, you can organize a group prayer where all the guests gathered in one place in order to play collectively. If you are fond of praying together as a couple, this ritual fits perfectly into your celebrations. In this way, you will be able to start your new journey amidst immense prayers and blessings.

All these cultural and spiritual traditions and rituals can give a personalized meaning to your big day and can also bring different cultures and people together courtesy your wedding event.


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