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Top wedding themes in 2023


While a wedding is known for fun and celebrations yet its planning can a time-consuming and also laborious task. The wedding couple often selects the venue and date for their wedding without much trouble but choosing the theme of the wedding can be very tricky for them.

For this purpose, they have to consider and then skim through different wedding trends. You may want one theme for the decor and another theme for the menu and after the wedding party. So, there is no need to stick to one theme only.

To assist you in this regard, we have formulated a list of top themes that would be trending in 2023.

Sustainable wedding

In this modern world, the masses have become more aware of the conservation of the environment. It has led the wedding world to also make some shifts regarding the celebrations and make the event eco-friendly. So, many couples are now opting for green weddings and in the year 2023, these eco-friendly weddings will be trending at the top.

For the purpose of sustainability to be fulfilled, the wedding couple must choose a sustainable wedding dress. Such kinds of dresses can be worn multiple times and are made from organic fibers and natural dyes are also used. The decor must be floral-oriented and you can rent sustainable items for the venue setup. Ask for donations instead of gifts from your guests and use the money for sustainability purposes.

Destination weddings

Destination weddings have been synonymous with intimacy and privacy. Celebrating your big day with your closed ones is surely a dream for many. Such weddings would be in high demand in the coming year.

For the destination wedding, the bride and groom can choose a beach, a hillside area, an island, a farmhouse or it could be any particular destination that holds a particular meaning for the couple. For the perfectly planned destination wedding, choose your location two or three months prior to the wedding.

Hire a professional planner and also consider the lodging for the wedding guests. To save money, you should choose a venue that is not far away. You can prefer a farmhouse, for instance, and plan its decor according to your taste and style. It would be recommended that you visit the chosen venue a week prior to your wedding in order to avoid any possible mishap.

Now that, you have gone through the possible top trending wedding themes of 2023, we hope that you would manage to plan your wedding in the most perfect way possible and your wedding day would become the most unforgettable and memorable day of your life.

Halloween-themed wedding:

As discussed above, everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. A memorable wedding is one that has some special characteristics and events that are different from other weddings. What if someone is going to marry on Halloween? He or she would love to celebrate Halloween with the proceedings of their wedding and it would be a great idea to theme their wedding like Halloween.

The guests who are going to attend the wedding would love the idea as they will have a lot of fun and give good wishes and congratulations to the wedding couple at the same time. The wedding invitations must be made spooky and dark-colored.

Everyone should dress as if they are attending a costume party. Children are going to have more fun-filled weddings than anyone else. They will ask for tricks and treats so there must be an arrangement for it.

Winter wonderland wedding:

There are very fewer numbers of weddings in winter but winter weddings give such classy and lovely feelings that everyone would love to have. There is a number of events in winter like Christmas, New year’s eve, and valentine’s day. So one can set his wedding theme according to these events. The theme would enhance the happiness of the wedding couple.

Valentine’s day is a day of showing love and the person who has planned his wedding on this day is a lucky man to marry his partner on this day. One must provide hot drinks like coffee to the guests, it must be an indoor wedding.

The decorations should be made to provide a beautiful visual effect and comfort for the guests as well.  The couple should wear the dresses according to the theme and their comfort zone. Winter weddings do not cost as much as conventional weddings.

Serve up a fast food theme:

A themed wedding must have all the swag along with it. Fast food-themed weddings have all the stuff a stylish wedding needs. The guests would love to have delicious favorites instead of traditional meals. There are many fast food giants who are offering such weddings and arranging the wedding according to the couple’s demands.

Taco bell, Denny’s and KFC and many more restaurants are hosting such weddings. The only thing you have to do is to call the manager and give him the plan. You can add a touch of this theme to your traditional wedding by adding fast food to the wedding menu. Everyone would love the combo and hospitality they will have.

Pop more than the question with a movie theme:

If someone wants to do something fun and unexpected at his wedding, choosing a movie theme would be one of the best ideas for him. This theme is suitable for weddings of all sizes. This theme is mainly for couples who love to dress up fancy.

They can take the start from wedding invitations. The invitations can be made like movie tickets and the guests will be aware of the theme as well. The wedding couple will wear the costumes of their favorite characters from the movie.

The wedding must be held in a cinema or theatre. The wedding cake can be made according to the theme one can display movie reels on it rather than the floral decor. Popcorn can be added to the menu. The pictures can be made according to the movie theme and the couple will be treated like the hero and heroine of the movie.


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