10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas For A Fun Event


From serene beaches to lush green landscapes, outdoor wedding venues have their own personality. Outdoor venues offer a background that is captivating and absolutely stunning. It’s up to you how do you plan various details to personalize it as per your own taste. Along with little luxuries to charming sights and eclectic sounds, you have plenty of ideas to deck up the personal ambience. Talk to your agent for wedding planning Los Angeles and discuss things to transform it into a one-of-a-kind event. Let’s take a tour of open-air ceremony ideas that you will fall in love with.

1. Outdoor piano

Live music for a wedding ceremony is the most happening thing you would think of. Live band, outdoor piano, and the guests dancing to the tunes of melody will change the entire scenario. Romantic, intimate, and music to the ears, it would be a fun event for you and your guests. And, budget-wise, it won’t hurt adorning the music area with greenery, candles and flowers.

2. Green shady seats

How about the idea of making your guests sit under the shade of a green tree? This is one of the many perks of outdoor wedding. Ceremony in an outdoor location would provide some relief from the harsh rays. The cool breeze, under the shade of a tree, will keep the guests happy and cool alike. For a different and unique venue, think of classic, white umbrella or in matching colors of chairs. They won’t distract the guests, but will let them enjoy more on a bright, sunny wedding day. It would work well during winters as well.

3. The music of wind chimes

Yet another wonderful suggestion from leading wedding planners Los Angeles will give you a fantastic idea for a great ceremony. The unconventional sounds of glass chimes, along pristine beaches are absolute excitement. Not sure about it? Just attend a beach destination wedding and you would probably come across a wonderful event. The strands of colored sea glass chimes attached to driftwood will sync with the ocean and produce a soothing sound.

4. Destination wedding

Destination wedding is always a cool idea. Whether along beaches, on a hill station, or a green meadow, the idea in itself is quite intriguing. It could be a foreign county, your city of residence or a different city. Talk to your planner how creative they can go with the venue or what facilities they can arrange for in a city of your choice and transform it into a fun event for you and guests.

5. Red carpet like walkway

A walkway that gives the feeling of a red carpet event can be mesmerizing for you and your guests. A red carpet like path is common to ceremonies, but not for guests. Make it a little special for your guests by lighting candles along the path. Not only it will be inviting for your guests, but it’ll also let them know that you care for them. Just make sure to work with the event planner or florists to come up with an idea that is both stunning and safe. The idea would be great for Bar Mitzvah as well. Complementing the Bar Mitzvah DJ Los Angeles, it will be a lot fun for guests.

6. Fancy sidewalk

A romantic and quirky idea for your wedding would to work on the pathways to the ceremony. Do whatever your heart desires – may be stenciling hearts or whimsical sounds that will set the mood for your wedding guests and give an idea how the event is going to be. Put the idea to your wedding planner and they will be happy putting forth some creative things.

7. Quirky direction signs

People put simple directive signs that just show the path. How about a sign that tells a story? Use creative signs for outdoor wedding that says a lot about the event. From dancing girl signs to cartoon characters or anything inspired by fantasy – ideas could be endless.

8. Working the décor

The décor will actually transform the experience for the guests. floral garlands draped around trees or long drapes falling over them or lights illuminating the mood – it could be anything romantic. It’s just the kind that eliminates the need for elaborate flowers elsewhere. Just be sure to use the wedding venue as per your taste and desires. If there’s something like permission, go ahead with it in advance.

9. Accessories

Have you ever to a wedding and shaded a few tears? If the answer is yes, you should think of something to help guests with it. Cheeky handkerchiefs could be a savior for guests. Only a few guests will share the sentiments on the day but you have to think about all of them. Charming or reusable handkerchiefs can be a thank you gift for the guests.

10. Refreshments

Summer and winter weddings have their different requirements. Arrangement for refreshment bars accordingly so that guests can enjoy the wedding and the season with same fervor. Playful straws, quirky plates, and there could be several things to add a bit of personalization.

Transform the themed or Israeli Wedding Los Angeles with the best planners in town. On Air Productions can make it happen with unique and creative ideas that also incorporate your personal choices. It’s your wedding, it has to be your way.

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