Instead of extravagant wedding, couples these days prefer minimalism in celebrations. Savings and work of charity are the latest trends that also remind of social responsibilities. However, these are not boring but creative and inspiring. If minimalism is your style, you will be surprised to know some of the low-cost and easy to decorate wedding venue ideas. While you may think that venues in Los Angeles won’t need a bit of touch up, you may still want some elements of personalization at the venue. Some of the decorative pieces you can buy or get easily through vendors without spending much. On Air Productions is excellent for that, and offers incredibly low-budget, low-maintenance but impactful wedding venue decoration ideas. No matter what your taste is, you will definitely find them refreshingly accurate for your wedding planning Los Angeles. So, here you go:

Hanging flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? They are an integral part of wedding celebrations. But this time, think creatively with flowers. Go ahead with suspending lush arrangements around the dinner table to keep the guests gushing about the amazingly creative flower decoration at your wedding. It will transform the dining space and give a more intimate feel to the place. And, you never go wrong with flowers.

Drapes and lots of drapes

You can’t even imagine how fabrics can transform the entire décor. If you are looking for elegance that’s a little formal and sophisticated then white is the color of fabric for draping the ceiling. But if you want to show the fun side, you can go bright and creative with yellow. Follow this idea if you want to keep the table décor light and minimal.

Fake flowers

You may want to avoid them at first, but they look really stunning. While they won’t cost a fortune, they will give the venue an extravagant look that will captivate your eyes. With the tutorials around, you can make your own flowers or use store-bought ones to transform the overall look of the venue. Not just this, but they can also reduce your last minute hassles and wedding stress.

Natural stuff

Nature is a wonderful resource of some stunning pieces that hold the power to transform a décor. For your wedding venue, choose some natural items to place in a new setting to create a beautiful soothing space. You and guests wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from adoring them.
You may think of flowers and the cost. Yes, it can push the budget, but nature in general is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Pinecones, feathers etc. can be used in a number of ways to enhance the look of the wedding venue. You may also find them free of cost. These natural ideas are also excellent for Jewish Wedding Los Angeles.


Balloons are awesome and relatively cheap if you don’t fill them with helium. Use balloons in alternate ways to decorate the wedding venue and create a captivating décor. Balloon arches are popular than ever. You can stick them onto an existing structure to create desired shapes with balloons without using helium. Alternatively, you can hand colorful balloons upside down from ceiling for a brightening venue that will leave your guests awestruck. Simple, easy and cost-effective, they look really pretty.

Use lamps

Earlier, lamps and bulbs were used for the lighting purpose only. Nowadays, top event planners and wedding decorators swear by these elements. Twinkling elements add extra oomph and a starry appeal to wedding venues. Use them in interesting ways to create effects that your guests will admire. Use table lamps on the reception table and add heights for a dramatic effect. Either skip flowers or surround lamps with greens or flowers to hide cords and enhance the appeal. Alternatively, you can use hanging lights for a mesmerizing view.

Paper Lanterns

They are not new but have evolved a lot in creating wonderful wedding décor. Paper lanterns are used in large numbers, hanging in reception space, to create a dreamy décor. Use paper lanterns, paper pompoms along with other paper decorations to create a magical décor for your wedding. You can easy get paper lanterns in one-of-a-kind colors for a memorable event. Mix and match the colors to fit a themed wedding or use them as desired to create an impactful décor.

Think out of the box

Nothing is off limit on our big if you are able to incorporate them in creative ideas. Take a little inspiration from other weddings, wedding magazines, and you will be able to turn many objects into a creative wedding décor.
If you are short on ideas or looking for something exclusive for your wedding, leave it on professionals to save yourself from hassles. On Air Productions would incorporate your ideas into their own creative imagination to give a truly mesmerizing effect to your wedding décor. Along with other arrangements, the professionals also collaborate with the best Persian DJ Los Angeles for a memorable event.

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