The sweltering heat of summer may give you a hard time managing your makeup and bouquets on the wedding day. While these problems may not show up in colder days, but winter wedding has its own set of potential difficulties. It’s not about snow all the time but other seasonal stuff that can make things worse on the day. Brides make a few common mistakes while planning a seasonal wedding. Pay heed to the details so it doesn’t happen to you.

From avoiding to purchase wedding insurance to neglecting the need of proper wedding planning Los Angeles, brides make some easy mistakes which are all too easy to avoid. Don’t let these blunders ruin the feel of the day by planning well in advance. These are common mistakes that you should pay attention to and avoid at any cost as entire experience depends on it:

Emergency kit without winter must-haves

Bride and groom do need a wedding day emergency kit. However, winter months call for some special preparations to be able to manage uncertain weather conditions. For instance, extra tissues, hand warmers, and extra pair of shoes, warmers and other things which you may need for outdoor shoot if there’s snow.

Assuming guests would arrived all prepared

It may happen that guests do not appear fully prepared for the season even if you warn them in advance. Humans do make errors. That’s why it would be great if you have additional gloves, blankets, and warm cocktails for drink when they arrive. Your careful thought can actually enhance the mood of celebrations. This also ensures that everyone’s comfortable and enjoying the event just like you.

Neglecting the need for an extra pair of shoes

Your wedding day is as special as you thought but missing out on a simple thing like an extra pair of shoes may actually make a difference. Flats are great for sore feet, but winter brides do need one more pair of boots to take on the winter elements. Top rated wedding and event planners suggest considering it for a reason. Generally wedding shoes are made of satin which becomes hardest to work with when wet with snow or water. Doesn’t matter how beautiful it is but ruined satin heels can be a nightmare. From walking around the venue to talking pictures outside in snow can be as difficult as the weather. A temporary pair of shoes for pre- and post-wedding activities can save the day for brides.

Neglecting the indoor aura

Brides usually get fascinated by the outside snowy weather and its charm eventually neglecting the indoor pictures. Despite putting on winter accessories, taking pictures in freezing temperatures is not easy. In the excitement of their wedding, brides often forget how difficult it could get to manage outdoor shoot. Also, the weather may not be favorable enough to let it happen. Avoid this mistake completely by organizing unique places indoors for wedding photo shoot.

Not considering the first look

Wedding is a special event so missing out on anything can cost much. Leading event planners of Israeli Wedding Los Angeles suggest planning a first look in the daylight even before the wedding starts. Winters have limited day light hours. If your wedding has to happen in the evening then it’ll be darker by the time event starts. So, if the first look doesn’t happen, getting a portrait of you and your husband in the daylight will be simply impossible.

Not being flexible with budget

Winter weddings cost more for couples as well as guests. Special arrangements at the venue to cope with cold weather, plus extra cost of additional things for a favorable event may also increase the budget. Brides should expect higher rates for everything including hotels, venue, shoot, higher fare for out of town guests, higher flower costs, and so many things. Vendors may also charge a premium fee for things which usually come at a lower cost in summers. Everything can actually up the budget for brides. Being flexible with budget can save the day for brides.

Not purchasing a wedding insurance

Winters can be harsh sometimes, more than you can even expect. It may call a blizzard causing a state emergency. Therefore, roads may be shut. Not only your guests won’t reach, your vendors won’t be able to either. The Act of God clause in the contract may be a serious thing to consider. The clause may cover some expense but you must make sure what exactly is covered in the clause. Make sure you are covered for the costs associated with having to cancel or change the wedding date. However, you may still have to pay for perishable items by caterers or florists.

On Air Productions, a leading event and wedding planning company, provides complete winter wedding solutions along with photography, Bar Mitzvah DJ Los Angeles, and several other services for a mesmerizing event. Brides can also get a free consultation on wedding planning so they don’t miss out on important things on the day.

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