Couples always dream of a fairy tale wedding at an exotic location where they and guests can have the best time of their life. Amid all other things, music and DJ play a crucial role in making the event happening and lively. Nowadays, having a DJ is not a choice but a necessity for a wedding where everyone can feel the fun. DJs not just provide a wide variety of music but also help in important announcements and add a little fun to the day.

Moreover, there are several things that couples must consider while searching for the best wedding DJ Las Vegas:

Service to count on

A professional wedding DJ provides a service. If you have to choose from two identical products from a store, you might go for the one costing less. It’s a no brainer. Unfortunately, choosing from different wedding DJs is not same. Brides and grooms make a common mistake of considering a DJ as a product and following the same criterion for the selection of wedding disc jockey. Understand this with a simple example. When you want to get your hair done, would you mind paying more to an experienced hair stylist with a reputation to back it? Of course, not. The quality of service is always better when the provider has the relevant experience. Bride and groom, just don’t pick a DJ that has a couple of speakers and bag full of compact discs. Experience matters the most.

Services to expect from a wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is not just responsible for playing music, but they have to plan a lot of things about the week of your wedding, the day, course of events, and other things. They must discuss the event details with you in advance to allow you to properly prepare. They insist on proper planning, for you, your guests to plan the day from beginning till the end. As bride and groom, you must have understood by now how much is involved when planning a wedding. It’s your wedding day, and a proper planning is essential to ensure a nice smooth pace of music for guests. While some of the DJs would want to impose major control on the flow of event and allow only a little flexibility, others would be happy to accommodate your demands freely. It’s a collaborative effort they believe in and gladly offer guidance whenever, wherever you need. On Air Pros is one reputed name where you can happily get your demands met with greater flexibility. The experienced Persian DJ Los Angeles has the best music and equipment for the wedding to happen in a lively manner.


Yes, a wedding DJ is also an announcer. Ask them if they would make all the necessary announcements to let it flow smoothly. And, your guests would also be informed what’s going on.

Disc Jockey

Ask if they can read the crowd and play the music as demanded by the guests. Playing the right song at the right time is an art that DJs specialize in. The guests at the wedding would be different so they must understand that the music which worked best at the past event may not work here. Reading the mind of guests is an essential skill that DJs must be expert in.

Music planner

For DJs, it’s simply not possible for any DJ to play around every song as demanded by the crowd. However, music research is foremost in planning the stage for a memorable event. Talk about the songs collection and procure the eclectic ones that you desire for the event. Just put forth your ideas to ensure they can come up with the songs of your choice and stay away from the one you don’t.

Master of music

The flow of your event should be smooth for you to enjoy. They should understand that the music should never be rushed and forced fed. And yes, there should be no lull moments. Talk to the DJ to manage the event well by talking about the event in detail. The choice of music also depends on the style of wedding. There are DJs that talk on the mic while others simply stay quiet and let the music talk. Talk to them to be active and engage the crowd to create a fun and lively environment.

Audio and lighting

Music and light must go coordinated in order to attract crowd. Using their professional gears, they must use the best lighting and audio to kick off the event.


The wedding DJ must be open to coordinate with other vendors of the event – catering staff, event planner, photographer, and guests. It’s important for the event to go smooth.

Having a wedding DJ is a must these days. In fact, many couples hire a DJ only once in their lifetime – at their wedding. So, brides and grooms must strive to find one that’s a great entertainer. Do your research carefully as you do for event rentals Los Angeles for a memorable event. Consider recommendations and talk to the one you have seen in action. Your research and efforts would help you find the best DJ for your event.

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