The joy of getting engaged and dreaming to tie the knot with the person of your dream is certainly something that can’t be expressed in words. Here are ten important things you must check before planning a wedding in Los Angeles.

1. Get your marriage license

Couples to marry need to consult Los Angeles County for a marriage license. License is location-specific. For example, if you are planning to marry at Disneyland or an Orange County resort, you will require an Orange County Marriage License.Public Marriage License and a Confidential Marriage License are two types of marriage licenses which are prevalent in Los Angeles. Documentation you need to produce at Los Angeles County is a valid ID (driver’s license, passport etc.), a copy of annulment paper if previously married, and a marriage license fee.

2. Check in with your vendors

Stay in communication (email) with your vendor to know if they have everything that they require from you in the days before your wedding. If you have not done this as yet, consult your vendors about any last-minute details, which may include – changes to the guest numbers, entree selections or certain problems created by weather (weather-related issues). If you have already hired a wedding planner, he/she will handle the necessary follow-ups with your vendors. Checking in with your vendors is vital to see if you have everything under proper management.

3. Print correct venue address

This may sound like a simple checklist but it is very important to make sure that the details of your wedding ceremony to the reception have correct direction printed. At least you may certainly not want to turn up at your own reception an hour late or after the guests had gone just because you could not reach there at your venue on time.

4. Try on your attire

Go for “dress rehearsal” some days before your wedding starts. It is important to ensure fully that everything is in order, and that you have had a final run-through with a wedding dress with shoes and other accessories. This sort of “pre-dressing up” process will help you know about any tricky details ahead of your wedding day.

5. Never choose a date that doesn’t work

Sometimes the date of your wedding clashes with the timeline managed by your guests and which had to be sacrificed if your guests felt compelled to attend your wedding instead of what holidays they planned for their families. Therefore, schedule your wedding carefully and choose a date that seems feasible for your guests. This is because you certainly will not like to talk them over the phones or check in on a game during your wedding.

6. How about marital vows?

If you are still clueless about what you will say at your wedding, write down your wedding vows on a piece of paper, read them out loud until you are done memorizing the same. The reason behind this recommendation is that in most cases, brides or grooms experience butterflies in their stomach while reading their vows from a piece of paper, and that disturbance catches them off guard on their big special day. At least rehearse your vows few days before the wedding.

7. How about the budget?

Agreed that your wedding is the special day of your life and you will do anything possible to make it an everlasting experience. However, budgeting your wedding smartly is something that even expert in the wedding planning industry agrees, saying don’t stretch your wedding expenses to the point that it may drain your savings. Also, if your budget does not allow you to afford an open bar, go for a limited selection of beer/wine or champagne for your guests. Or you can also choose something called a signature drink for your guests if you’re tight on budget. Tie knot in bliss not in debts.

8. Go for simple beauty treatments

When there are few days left to the wedding, most brides can’t quell the temptation of choosing a newfangled bridal beauty treatment. You don’t have to fall prey to that temptation. Yeah, you may go for some basic beauty treatments like teeth whitening, lash extensions or facials at least a week before the wedding. You can also try some other services in this regard, like manicures, airbrush or pedicures at least three days before your wedding. Grooms can go for a hot shave and a haircut a week before the wedding.

9. Carry wedding day emergency kit

Essential wedding day items like your wallet, phone charger and your wedding rings must be with you, if you are getting ready at a hotel or the venue itself. Your wedding day emergency kit must have essentials like beauty supplies etc.

10. Book a DJ with variety

Hiring a professional DJ service is one of the most important things you must plan for your wedding. The received wisdom says that presence of DJ at a wedding enlivens the spirit of the event and gives everlasting experience to the guests and the married couples. Your wedding DJ Los Angeles will play a variety of songs like rap or techno to keep the party dancing all night long. In addition, the professional DJ has a variety of soundtracks and playlists customized for you which will give you a lifetime memorable experience of your special day, which is your marriage.

Other key essentials:

• Make a guest list carefully, ensuring details are printed correctly.
• Hire a wedding planner if it comes within your budget.
• Make a comparative analysis of the prices of wedding vendors online.
• Do not fall prey to expensive wedding. The bigger wedding doesn’t mean a better wedding.


When it comes to planning a Israeli wedding in Los Angeles, the prospective bride-groom has to take some important checklists into account. This is a smart way of managing your wedding. The checklists mentioned above will help you make an informed decision about how to plan your wedding smartly. In case you need assistance with regard to your wedding, we are here to help you with whatever needs you have. We are experienced wedding planner in Los Angeles.

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